The cybersecurity field is very broad. It includes many technical and non-technical roles. Developing the knowledge, skills and abilities to build a successful career as a cybersecurity professional requires a combination of education in core security fundamentals, specialized skills training and on-going professional development.

Anyone can become a cybersecurity professional. Whether you are new to the workforce or transitioning from another career, there is a role for you. The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) has released the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Framework which provides a detailed breakdown of the cybersecurity job categories, roles, and related skills and tasks. The framework organizes cybersecurity work into in seven (7) categories and thirty two (32) specialty areas.

The Next Gen Cyber Team actively participates in the NIST NICE Working Group and work to align our workforce development programs with the NICE Framework. Our framework of skills training, career counseling and professional mentorship helps both those new to cybersecurity as well as experienced professionals looking to advance their careers. There are many options available for professional cybersecurity certifications including vendor-specific ones.